Stunning with grandeur, architecture and history
Property on Lake Como has always been attractive for permanent and seasonal stay, as well as for profitable long-term investment. Villas on Lake Como are stunning with their grandeur, beauty of architecture, historical significance and gorgeous panoramic views. Recently, buying a house on Lake Como has become a cherished dream.

Apartments, villas, townhouses, land, hotels, restaurants make up the key portfolio of our company’s real estate.

Buying property on Lake Como is considered very prestigious since ancient times. At one time, Napoleon, Goethe, Stendal, Tchaikovsky owned the real estate on Lake Como. Many poets praised the beauty of Lake Como in their works. Currently, Lake Como is one of the popular places for filming movies and video clips of world stars.

The unique beauty of the lake and the surrounding Alpine mountains leave an indelible impression on everyone who manages to visit this place, so from March tourists begin to flood the streets of cozy cities along the coast. Tourist popularity, luxury villas, located on the first coastline of the lake, owned by celebrities, as well as proximity to Switzerland and Milan, in the aggregate, give a special status and prestige to Lake Como.

Every year the lake is becoming more popular for people from all over the world. The leading developers of Northern Italy are actively involved in arranging the coast of the lake, offering an ever-increasing flow of customers new facilities built using advanced eco-friendly technologies and modern high-quality materials. Today, real estate from the developer in the new residential complex is one of the most sought-after, and “real estate in Italy como”, “real estate lake como italy”, “real estate for sale in italy”, “buy a house on lake como” are the most relevant inquiries in search networks.

Lake Como is located among the high Alpine mountains, covered with exquisite beauty of a plaid woven from silk strands of grapevine, olive, chestnut, fig tree, oleander and cypress interspersed with patterns in the form of numerous timeless cities and villages, ancient castles and luxury villas. It is one of the most beautiful, charming and deepest (410 m) lakes in Europe.

Lake Como, being the third largest in Italy (length 47 km, width up to 4 km), consists of three sleeves, forming a silhouette, resembling a playful harlequin, who turned his attention to the balcony of another sweetheart during a serenade.

Lake Como has a rich history and remembers many prominent cultural and political figures who admired its extraordinary panoramic views from the balconies of their own luxurious villas built on the coast. At one time, the land on the shores of Lake Como was owned by the Roman poet Virgil, an outstanding political figure of antiquity Guy Pliny the Younger, Napoleon … Here lived the classics of world literature Alfred de Musset, Johann Goethe, Stendal.

Real estate on Lake Como has always been attractive for permanent and seasonal stay, as well as for profitable long-term investment. The villas on Lake Como are stunning with their grandeur, beauty of architecture, historical significance and gorgeous panoramic views. Recently, buying a house on Lake Como has become a cherished dream. This section contains a wide selection of properties on the shores of Lake Como.

Property for sale on Lake Como is one of the priorities of BARNES.

Quick access to strategic highways, major cities, popular recreation, tourism and entertainment in Italy and Switzerland.

Lake Como has a favorable geographical position, providing owners of real estate on its coast with quick access to the main European highways connecting Italy and Switzerland.

That’s why from Lake Como it is easy to get to the international airports Malpensa (Milan, Italy) Agno (Lugano, Switzerland), as well as to the famous ski resorts of St. Moritz, Bormio, Medesimo and Campione d’Italia, where lovers of gambling waiting for the famous casino.

The possibility of living in an ecologically clean region with unique nature, history and architecture.

The purest mountain alpine air, clear deep-water lake, fertile soil and diverse vegetation, including amazing inflorescences of rhododendrons and azaleas, which number more than 150 species, a warm climate – all this contributes to longevity, normalization of the nervous system and a happy life in love and harmony with nature.

Medieval villas and castles, gardens with thousands of plant species, alleys of plane trees, cedars, palm trees, eucalyptus and magnolia cause tourists from all over the world to treat Lake Como as a paradise where every traveler will find a piece of his own happiness.

The unique architecture of each of the towns with their numerous cathedrals, churches, streets and embankments fraught with a long history and culture. Cozy family restaurants, cafes, pizzerias, pastries with delicious dishes from local fresh vegetables, fruits, meat and fish, and of course sweets, will satisfy the most sophisticated requests of gourmets.

A profitable investment in real estate

The cost of real estate on Lake Como never falls below the original, has a positive trend and does not directly depend on global crises and trends in the global real estate market. This is explained by:

The number of real estate objects is limited due to the difficult terrain, as well as due to legislative control over the preservation of the historical appearance of the region, where mass construction is prohibited, and to obtain permission to build a new object requires a lot of bureaucratic procedures;

Under conditions of limited supply of real estate, demand for them here is quite stable, which ensures the liquidity of houses, apartments, villas and other real estate on Lake Como;

A large number of villas, apartments, townhouses, penthouses, residential and hotel complexes are owned by world celebrities;

The uniqueness of the landscape and nature of Lake Como contributes to the constant growth of attention to these places from the creative elite. It is not by chance that films and clips with the participation of world cinema stars and the music industry are being shot on the shores of Lake Como (shooting of several episodes of the film “Ocean’s Twelve Friends” at the unique Villa Erba in the city of Cernobbio, Star Wars Episode II ”,“ Month at the Lake ”, scenes from Casino Royale at the famous Villa Gaeta, against the backdrop of the beautiful scenery of Menaggio, as well as music videos featuring Madonna, Gwen Stefani, Lady Gaga, etc.) ;

Interest in real estate on Lake Como is also provided by the presence of a developed coastal infrastructure, including an extensive network of roads and tunnels, water transport, as well as numerous moorings for boats, hotels, campgrounds, beaches, athletic fields, golf courses, etc .;

During the construction and restoration of real estate objects, the most modern European technologies and materials are used.

Shopping, including during the period of grand discounts and sales. Its generally recognized centers are the cities of Como and Lugano, with their numerous streets, filled with the most fashionable shops and boutiques, as well as, of course, the capital of Italian fashion – Milan.

Access to various sports, tourism and recreation, including:

  • Water tourism (swimming, water skiing, seaplane, surfing, sailing boats, canoes, fishing);
  • mountain tourism (hiking, mountain bike, mountaineering, mountain skiing);
  • ecotourism, agritourism;
  • supreme riding, tennis, golf and, of course, football.

Tourism at the historic sites of Lake Como, which include:

  • Cities – Como, Brunate, Blevio, Cernobbio, Lenno, Tremezzo, Bellagio, Menaggio, Lecco and others;
  • Unique villas with gardens and parks – Villa Olmo, Villa Balbianello, Villa d’Este, Villa Erba, Villa Carlotta, Villa Galli, Villa Saporiti, Villa Fontanelle, Villa Pliniana, Villa Tavema, Villa Passalacqua, Villa Il Castello, Villa Serbelloni, Villa Trotti, Villa Giulia, La Gaeta, Villa Camilla, Villa Malpensata, Villa Monastero, Villa Cipressi, La Cassinella, etc .;
  • Castles – Castello di Vezio, Castello di Corenno Plinio and the Nameless Castle of Castello del `Innominato;
  • Palaces – Palazzo Manzi, Palazzo Gallio;
  • Museums – Silks in Como (Museo Didattico della Seta i Como), Alessandro Volta in Como (Museo liceo classico Alessandro Volta, Tempio), Historical Museum of Giuseppe Garibaldi in Como (Museo Storico Giuseppe Garibaldi), Art Gallery in Como (Pinacoteca Civica di Como);
  • Cathedrals and churches in Como – Il Duomo di Como, Basilica di San Carpoforo, Basilica of Saint Fedele (Basilica di San Fedele), Church of St. Agostino (Chiesa di Sant` Agostino), etc .;
  • Sala Comacina Island.