Real Estate 2.0

2020 has been a year of turning points and evolutions, in which a new mentality aimed at problem solving, digitization and continuous all-round updating has made its way. In today’s digital universe, it is of fundamental importance to offer concrete, effective and direct solutions to its customers.

Given the impossibility of meetings and travel, the real estate world initially experienced great difficulty in organizing visits, inspections, sales and rentals, especially for the second homes sector, far from the place of residence.

This initial obstacle has made it possible to develop and test new technologies and new knowledge, now refined and part of the range of services offered to the customer.

A clear example of this is the 360 ​​° virtual visits, which allow the user to make a first exploration of the property of interest by virtually moving around at will within the property.

Digital signatures, video interviews and the presence of expert consultants on site able to guarantee the collection and regularity of documents, have made it possible to finalize important sales with a totally telematic process.

This not only allows to reduce contacts and movements (a necessary condition in the last period), but above all to reduce time and costs, making the purchase process faster, more reliable and easier.

In this new context, the figure of a trusted and competent local consultant becomes indispensable. Consulting becomes increasingly connected and “omnichannel”, to ensure maximum value, in the shortest time and through the most suitable platform to ensure the ideal customer experience.